Receive 4 whole, pasture-raised chickens every month for 4 months. Become a CSA member and save instantly. You’ll get your chickens at a fixed price and get an additional discount.

NEVER – Overcrowding, GMOs, antibiotics, unsanitary conditions

ALWAYS – Sunshine. Room to move and forage. Bugs. Quality feed.

Our chickens only get the good stuff. They live the way they should! When you purchase chickens from us, you know where it comes from, how it was handled, and that our animals are happy. We take pride in how we raise our animals are truly thankful for all they provide.

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Whole Pasture-raised Chicken CSA Membership

4 whole, pasture-raised chickens each month for 4 months

Following purchase, CSA members will receive information about pick-up and drop-off via email.

Want a membership, but need less chicken? Try our half membership available here.