What does pasture-raised mean? Unlike industrial farms, our chickens are raised on pasture so they can forage for bugs and get lots of sunlight. Just as they should be! Their home, or tractor, is moved daily so they always have fresh grass. This makes for a happy chicken and a well-fertilized pasture. Check out this blog post to learn more about why you should choose pasture-raised.

What else do they eat? Chickens cannot survive on grass and bugs alone. They also fed a non-GMO feed.

What kind of chickens do you have? Our chickens are Freedom Rangers.
These active chickens love foraging and pasture environments. They produce tender, succulent meat with more yellow omega 3 fat and less saturated fat than fast growing breeds.

How much will a chicken cost? Our chickens are $5.00 per pound. They will average 4 pounds so you can expect to pay around $20 per chicken.

How do I reserve a chicken and when will it be ready? To reserve a bird, click here. You can expect an invoice for half of your estimated payment within a few days of reserving your birds. Chickens will be processed June 29th and 30th. As our farm grows, we plan to add additional dates and provide our friends of the farm with even more chicken!

Where are you located? We are in Tuttle, OK. The farm is about 22 miles from Oklahoma City!

If you have any additional questions, please contact us!