Chicken CSA for Oklahoma City area

Pasture-raised chicken CSA for Oklahoma City and surrounding areas

Pasture-raised chicken CSA- Oklahoma City

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting CSA members! What is a CSA, you may ask? CSA stands for community supported agriculture. Members can enjoy discounted, but continuous access to our pasture-raised chickens in exchange for paying up front. Our CSA will run for 4 months and include whole chickens monthly.

You don’t have to buy a new freezer to get a discount! Yay! Your chickens will be delivered to a drop-off point or you can pay the farm a visit to pick them up each month. Joining guarantees you’ll have access to the best meat without worrying about it going out of stock.

Why our, pasture-raised chickens?

Not only are you supporting a local family, but you are buying truly pasture-raised chicken. Studies show that meat from chickens raised on pasture has a higher percentage of Omega 3’s, antioxidants, and vitamins. Plus, when chickens are raised on pasture, they just taste better!

Only the good stuff

NEVER – Overcrowding, GMOs, antibiotics, unsanitary conditions

ALWAYS – Sunshine. Room to move and forage. Bugs. Quality feed.

Our chickens only get the good stuff. They live the way they should! When you purchase chickens from us, you know where it comes from, how it was handled, and that our animals are happy. We take pride in how we raise our animals and are truly thankful for all they provide.

How it works

Become a CSA member and save instantly. You’ll get your chickens at a fixed price and get a discount. Ready to join the Native Pastures CSA? Here are your options.

1/2 Share: 2 chickens per month for 4 months. $150.

Full Share: 4 Chickens per month for 4 months. $300.

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