Pasture-Raised Chickens: Our animal welfare standards

Pasture-raised chicken Oklahoma City
Pasture-raised chicken Oklahoma City

In all that we do, we strive to ensure our pasture-raised chickens live the best life possible. This means they are raised and handled in the most humane way. In doing so, we are confident that we are providing the best meat to families in the Oklahoma City area.

What does humanely raised mean to us?

We believe that chickens should be chickens! They should live on pasture with the ability to express their enate instincts, rather than living on feces covered concrete and overcrowded conditions. We hold ourselves to some of the highest possible standards when it comes to raising our birds.

The breed

We have selected the Freedom Ranger because it is a slower-growing bird. Unlike the more common, fast-growing Cornish Cross, our birds flourish on pasture, have a lower mortality rate, and are less likely to suffer from genetic disorders.


Our chickens are always picked up with two hands and are never grabbed by legs or wings. From the day we get the chicks to the day they are processed on-farm, we will handle our chickens with respect and a kind touch.

Pasture centered life

From the age of 3 to 4 weeks, the chickens will live on pasture with constant access to sunlight, grass, and bugs. Each day, they are moved to fresh grass so they can forage and scratch on a fresh patch of land. Our chickens are supplemented with a feed free of GMOs.

Letting our chickens live their best lives while also allowing them to contribute to the ecosystem on the farm is one of our primary concerns. We would love for you to taste the difference between our pasture-raised chicken and the conventionally raised birds you’ll find at the store. Get your chickens now.

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