Why buy pasture-raised?

pasture raised chicken oklahoma city
pasture raised chicken Oklahoma city

People are becoming more concerned about where their food comes from each day. As awareness of the perils of our food industry grows, more and more people are looking for a sustainable and healthy way to feed their families. Many of these people have turned toward buying pasture-raised meats and local foods from farms that are thoughtful about their animals and the environment.

One of the most concerning parts of our food industry is the poultry industry. For example, unsanitary conditions and inhumane practices mean unhealthy birds and too many antibiotics.

Why pasture-raised is better

Pasture-raised chickens get to act like chickens! They have fresh grass, bugs, and worms. They are able to forage and soak up all that vitamin D the sun provides. Pasture-raised birds more flavorful and also have nutritional benefits. Studies show that pastured poultry contains higher doses of vitamin A and omega 3-fatty acids. That’s a win-win!

Pasture-raised poultry is also better for our environment. Industrial chicken houses are linked to water pollution and high ammonia emissions. Pasture-raised chickens, that move to fresh grass daily, naturally fertilize the land. This creates a more beautiful and abundant landscape.

If animal welfare and/or the quality of your food is a concern, pasture-raised chicken is for you! At Native Pastures, we are passionate about providing families with the best chicken possible. That is why we choose to raise our birds on pasture. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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